• Building Rock Paper Azure on Windows Phone

    Speaker: Mike Benkovich

    This end-to-end scenario talk demonstrates how Windows Azure enables and extends the reach of mobile applications with the example of the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game played on the phone against a … more

  • Cryptography 101 Using the .NET Framework and ASP.NET

    Speaker: Robert Boedigheimer

    Learn the "black art" of cryptography, including public/private and symmetric encryption, hashing, and a dash of salt.  Review ASP.NET features that utilize cryptogrpahy such as viewstate. … more

  • De-coding the Developer/Designer Relationship

    Speaker: Josh Broton and Joel Kauffman

    A look at the top myths that designers believe about developers and vice-versa. A funny, entertaining, and most importantly, helpful session in solving what we see is one of the biggest problems in … more

  • Introduction to F#

    Speaker: Seth Larson

    You’ve heard F# mentioned from time to time, it started as that Microsoft Research.  Now in Visual Studio 2010 you see that it’s a project type option but haven’t clicked on … more

  • jQuery

    An introduction to jQuery with Rod Paddock.

    Speaker: Rod Paddock


  • Managing Expectations

    Speaker: Tim Schoffelman

    A look into how to logically think through and engineer a development project, both to guide you / your team through a productive development & QA phase as well as steer your client successfully … more

  • Modern Development Practices and Principles

    Speaker: Jason Bock

    Terms, acronyms, and phrases like "loose coupling", "SOLID", "unit testing" are becoming prevalent in developer's jargon. No matter what kind of applications you write, these techniques are essential … more

  • Open Source ColdFusion: From Basic to Badass

    Speaker: Miles Rausch

    Learn the basics of using open source implementations of the ColdFusion markup language for your projects. Will include an overview of the beauty of ColdFusion, a primer in CFML, and tips on how to … more

  • SASSy CSS for CMS

    Speaker: Benjamin Bertrand

    SASS extends normal CSS syntax by adding nested rules, variables, mixins and more. It compiles into well-formatted, standard CSS using a command line tool or a web-framework plugin. This talk includes … more

  • Static Analysis

    Speaker: Jason Bock

    We all want to have someone else review our code to make sure it's written well. Wouldn't it be even better if we can have that review process done automatically? In this session, you'll see how you … more

  • The Future of the Web: HTML5

    Speaker: Robert Boedigheimer

    The latest version of HTML may not be completed for some time, but there are parts that are available in the latest version of browsers, and shims to make older browsers support them as well. … more

  • Using MVVM Frameworks

    Speaker: Adam Barney

    You're smart.  You've heard that the MVVM pattern is the way to go for WPF and Silverlight applications - maybe you've even rolled your own helper classes for implementing MVVM in your apps. … more

  • Virtualization: VMware Overview

    An overview of virtualization concepts and advance features enabling nimble development and operations.

    Speaker: Mike Tarrell